Changing the filters in your heating and cooling systems is one of the most essential parts of maintaining your HVAC system. When air conditioner filters are not changed regularly it can cause your HVAC unit to work harder, which makes it less efficient (and ultimately increasing energy bills) and causes the unit to be more prone to breakdowns. When air cannot flow properly, this can also cause jams in the fan motors and valves. Replacing your air filter is an easy way to increase the lifespan of your system, keep your energy bills low and filter out irritants in the air.

How often that you should replace your filter depends on various factors that we will address in this blog. However, keep in mind that if you have any questions or need confirmation of how often to switch your filter to suit your particular needs, we are more than happy to assist you over the phone or in person. When in doubt, change your filter every 1-3 months.

To assess how often you need to replace your filter, please read the following:

Type of Filter

The type of air filter you have in your home will play a significant role in how often it needs to be replaced. For example, if you have a fiberglass filter (the most common and least expensive air filters) or a HEPA filter for air quality purposes, you’ll need to swap it out every month. On the other hand, you can wait three months if you’ve chosen a polyester or pleated filter.

Size of Home

The larger the home, the more debris will get caught in your air filter. If you have a large house, you should be changing your filter at least once a month.

Outdoor Air Quality

If you live in a zone that is dustier or has poor outdoor air quality, consider changing your filter more often.

Pet fur is one of the most common debris build-up causes in air filters.

Number of Pets

Pet fur is one of the most common debris build-up causes in air filters. If you have several pets or one that sheds quite a bit, check to see if your filter needs changing more frequently.

Frequency of Use

If you only use your home for part of the year (i.e., a summer home), you don’t have to fuss over changing the filter as often. Every six months is efficient. In fact, when we come for our bi-annual check-up, we can switch it for you.

To learn more about what you can do to ensure your air conditioner is running efficiently during the hot summer months, check out our blog about minimizing the strain on your A/C system.


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