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Heat Pumps have become very popular with Massachusetts homeowners in recent years — for good reason. These systems are extremely energy-efficient,
convenient, and versatile. They are powered by electricity and do not burn fossil fuels, like boilers and furnaces do — making them environmentally friendly and affordable to operate.

Best of all, heat pumps are eligible for jaw-dropping rebates from Mass Save — the agency tasked with enticing Massachusetts homeowners to switch to energy- saving heating and cooling systems. Incentives could add up to $16,000 — and even more for income-eligible households.


As a part of the Mass Save® Heat Pump Installer Network, we can provide access to rebates up to $16,000 on air source heat pumps and up to $25,000 on ground source heat pumps. %0 financing opportunities are also available on qualifying improvements.

The most common heat pump for homes is a ducted air-source system. In the winter, they pull outside air, circulating refrigerant between the outdoor compressor and the indoor air unit to heat that air, then distribute it inside. This process is reversed during warmer month, sending unwanted heat outside your home, leaving the cool air inside.

There are two broad categories of air-source heat pumps. A “whole home” system sends comfortable air throughout your home via ductwork and registers. Other than the outdoor condensing unit, you never notice it’s there!

For homes without ductwork, heat pumps are also available in a ductless version — known in our business as “mini-split heat pumps.” These units are capable of being networked together to heat and cool entire houses or condominiums, but also one or two units can be installed to target only parts of a home — such as to cool or heat a sunroom, furnished attic, workshop or garage.

Which is best for your family and home? That’s where our experts come in. They’ll take the time to discuss with the pros and cons of each system, answer all your questions and provide a competitive quotation. Many of our customers receives big rebates on new heat pump systems…you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised!

Our Customers Say

“I highly recommend Genove Oil.  We have relied on them for oil delivery, burner and boiler service (including emergency service) for 20 years, and they have never let us down.  We also used them to install a secondary HVAC system in an addition on our home, and they did the job right.”


“I’ve been using Genove for over 35 years for both heating and AC. They have installed new furnace and AC systems in the homes I’ve purchased and maintained them over the years. Every where I move I continue to use Genove. The service technicians have a long tenure at Genove and they have all been superb. Genove is the BEST!”


“Genove has looked after the heating system in our family home for more than 40 years. Given that we had a resident HVAC engineer in the house, Genove had a high bar to clear, which they have continued to do over many years. Great service, professional, courteous, responsive, and respectful to the family’s changing needs. I highly recommend them.”


“Excellent.  The serviceman arrived on time, was knowledgeable.  He explained what he was doing.  He went right to work and completed his work in an appropriate amount of time.  Very pleased with their work.  Already set up an appointment for the fall heater tuneup!”


“We have been loyal customers of Genove for years, this year they exceeded any expectations. From the emergency service call… to the installation of the new furnace and hot water heater today. Armando and crew are terrific… assisted us in the HEAT loan program… zero interest over 7 years as well as handled the rebate programs. Highly recommend Genove!”


“I manage a local business facility and after many years and vendors I finally found the last one I will ever need for heating and air conditioning.  Genove Oil and Air, out of Waltham, MA, has some of the most knowledgeable and professional people working for them.  They solved our issues quickly and made it clear on the whys.  Great services.”


“Genove Oil & Air has been our heating system and AC/heat pump oil provider and maintenance service company for… 20 years. They always come through… late night and weekend emergencies… 24-hour service… The latest… sight glass for monitoring radiator system water level broke… They responded very quickly and repaired the damage even though it was at night on the weekend. This is typical of the service they provide, whether regular maintenance or on an as-needed basis.”


“I have purchased my heating oil,  had emergency repairs done, and boiler servicing completed by Genove. For the past ten years I have had great service,  I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great quality and great crew of guys.”


“I’ve been a Genove customer for 10 years and 3 houses. I’ve found the team to be prompt, clean, courteous, and do good work. They did a full central AC system in a 100 year old home, did regular maintenance at another, and most recently Josh came in and fixed a broken AC system (not their install) at our new home. I recommend them and will continue using them for all heating and cooling needs!”


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