R-22 Refrigerant Must-Knows

If you live in New England and keep cool with air conditioning, you need to know about R-22 refrigerant. The United States has enacted an R-22 phaseout by 2020. How will this affect your household? Read on to learn more and contact Genove Oil & Air if you need any A/C assistance this season.

What is R-22 refrigerant?

R-22 is a liquid agent that works with the coils of an air conditioner to cool and dehumidify the air in your Massachusetts home. Without refrigerant, air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezing technologies would be impossible.

Why is R-22 phasing out?

It’s phasing out because it’s an outdated refrigerant that has been shown to have a significant negative impact on Earth’s ozone layer. The EPA has discontinued use and sales of the refrigerant, and starting in 2020 the USA will ban all R-22 importation.

Does my air conditioner use R-22?

R-22 has been the most common refrigerant for some time now, and most air conditioners manufactured prior to 2011 use R-22 refrigerant. Any of our technicians will easily be able to determine if your A/C uses R-22 at the time of your air conditioning system tune-up.

Will I get in trouble for having an R-22 system?

No, but the refrigerant may be hard to get your hands on after this summer. Regardless, we highly recommend that you take care of your air conditioner with regular maintenance or book an energy-saving tune-up which can significantly increase your energy efficiency. Doing so will save you money on cooling bills without impacting your home comfort.

How will a new system change my use of R-22?

New, high-efficiency air conditioning equipment uses a cleaner refrigerant called R-410. It is more eco-friendly, domestically available, and will improve your indoor and outdoor air quality. Contact us for a free quote on an air conditioner that uses R-410 refrigerant today!

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