Now that spring is just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home for the warmer weather. Take out the storm windows and doors, break out the mop for a good spring cleaning, and get ready to save money with these six simple energy-saving tips!


Tip #1: Install a Programmable Thermostat

Updating your manual thermostat to a programmable one can help you cut down on your bills by conserving energy. Simply program the indoor temperature higher for periods when you’re not home, as well as during the night when it cools down. This way, your A/C won’t kick on when it’s not needed.


Tip #2: Remember That Window Treatments Aren’t Just for Decoration

When the sun is shining, turn off your lights and keep your window treatments open to naturally brighten your home. If it’s hot outside, close your shades or blinds to block out excess heat from the sun’s rays. Doing so will help rooms maintain a cooler temperature, minimizing the need for A/C.


Tip #3: Become a Fan of Your Ceiling Fan

On hot days, use both your A/C and your ceiling fan together. Doing so allows you to raise the temperature on your thermostat by 4°F without reducing the room’s comfort level. Save more energy by turning off your fan when you leave a room since fans cool people, not entire rooms.


Tip #4: Cook Al Fresco

Forget using your oven on hot days as it can throw off enough heat to raise the room’s temperature. Instead, break out your outdoor grill or smoker and get cooking!


Tip #5: Schedule an A/C Tune-Up.

One surefire way to lower your energy bills is to call your local certified energy technician for annual A/C maintenance. Among other benefits, a tune-up will keep your system running at maximum efficiency and cool your home using less energy.


Tip #6: Consider a High-Efficiency Cooling System

These days, homeowners have many options when choosing an air conditioner. Consider upgrading your home’s A/C system to a high-efficiency ductless heat pump or central unit. You may be paying out a little more up front, but the long-term energy savings make it worthwhile. Plus, you can check Mass Save for additional high-efficiency system installation rebates!

Let the experts at Genove Oil & Air help you get your home ready for spring savings. Contact us today to schedule your A/C tune-up or to discuss a high-efficiency cooling system that’s right for your home!