Keeping your home’s natural gas heating system in good working order is important for many reasons. Not only will annual maintenance help reduce your fuel consumption to save you money on energy costs, but should your system malfunction, having a plan in place is critical to the safety and comfort of your family during the cold New England months.

While oil heat service plans and even A/C service plans are more readily available from HVAC service providers, a natural gas service plan can be harder to find. Luckily, residents within Eastern and Metrowest Massachusetts can sign up for a natural gas service plan as a customer of Genove Oil & Air for peace of mind throughout the heating season.

What Will I Get with a Natural Gas Service Plan?

  • Safety Inspection: Feel good knowing that your natural gas heating system is operating properly. Trained technicians will conduct a safety inspection of the heating system based on industry best practices to ensure the safety of your home and family.
  • Discount on Parts and Labor: Parts that are included with the tune-up are FREE with the service plan. Plus, you can save 25% on all other parts and labor required during a service call. (System replacement excluded.)
  • Priority Service: If your natural gas heating system needs an unplanned repair, you can feel good knowing that a technician will be at your home to fix the problem. And with 24-hour service, that applies to calls at 3 a.m., too.
  • System Efficiency: Scheduling an annual tune-up for your natural gas heating system maximizes your system’s efficiency during the coldest winter months. Higher efficiency means lower fuel consumption and energy bills—a win-win.
  • Cleaner Indoor Air. Your natural gas system’s air filters will be replaced on an annual basis. Not only will this boost the efficiency of your system, but it will also reduce the amount of dust and particulates that blow through your heating system, allowing you to breathe easy.

If you have a natural gas heating system, let the trained professionals at Genove Oil & Air provide valuable protection for your home and family with a Natural Gas Service Plan. Contact us today at 781.893.9191 to learn more!