BIOHEAT_Vector_logoBioheat fuel was developed as a recent response to the push for finding renewable energy and alternative fuel sources here in the U.S. You might already know the basics about the eco-friendly fuel, such as the positive impact it has on our environment—not to mention your energy budget. But do you know what gives Bioheat the eco-friendly designation, or how Bioheat is helping our farmers? Below are some frequently asked questions that consumers have about this cleaner, greener home heating fuel.

What Is the Composition of Bioheat?

Bioheat is a blend of renewable biodiesel and standard home heating oil. Biodiesel is made domestically from a variety of agricultural or recycled resources, which are treated and purified. Biodiesel is then mixed with low-sulfur heating oil to create Bioheat fuel. The blend ratio can vary, but the most common blend includes five percent biodiesel.

What Are the Renewable Resources Found in Biodiesel?

Biodiesel can be made from a variety of renewable resources, including plant oils (such as soybean oil, peanut oil, and sunflower seed oil), animal fats, recycled grease from restaurants, and even algae oil.

Does Biodiesel Production Affect Domestic Food Supply and Cost?

Not at all. All fats and oils used for biodiesel are co-products or byproducts of agriculture. For example, soybeans are grown primarily as meal for livestock and human consumption. About 20% of the soy crop is a co-product in the form of oil. By increasing the demand for soybean oil used in Biodiesel production, the demand for the crop increases, and the cost of soy used for feed and food is significantly reduced. It’s a win-win for consumers and farmers.

Why Is Bioheat Better than Standard Number 2 Fuel Oil?

  • It burns cleaner which allows your heating system to run more efficiently, and in turn reduces your fuel consumption and your energy bills.
  • It’s made domestically, reducing our dependency on foreign oil and adding jobs to the U.S. economy.
  • Because it’s made from renewable biodiesel, it’s a sustainable fuel option.
  • And, because it’s renewable, it’s also beneficial to the environment.

How Can I Order Bioheat to Fuel My Home Heating System?

If you are a Genove Oil & Air customer, Bioheat is already being delivered to your tank! We’re a proud supplier of Bioheat, as we recognize the many benefits this eco-friendly fuel offers our customers, as well as the positive impact it has on the environment.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Bioheat, or to find out if we deliver Bioheat to your town!