Enroll in a budget plan now to help save money and time later. A budget plan not only gives you a predictable payment option for your fuel use, but saves you from the stress that comes with fluctuating heating oil prices. Budget plans typically span over a 12-month payment period where you will pay the same amount each month for your fuel bill. This will give you peace of mind rather than the dread that might come from your past, unpredictable fuel payments.

How do we do it?

We calculate your payment for your budget plan based on these factors:

  • Your previous annual fuel use
  • The preferred settings of your home’s thermostat
  • Weather trends of the previous year and how they affected your fuel use
  • The cost of heating oil as it fluctuates over time

Once we have the estimated cost of your fuel use, we divide the sum into equal payments over a 12-month span.

How do YOU benefit?

While paying as you use your fuel might seem easy, it can become costly during peak heating months when you’re trying to beat the cold. The benefits of choosing a budget plan include the following:

  • Consistent monthly payments—no surprises here!
  • Less worry about higher fuel use during certain months
  • Easier budgeting for other household bills
  • Automatic debit/credit card payments that make paying your bill hassle-free
  • Peace of mind all year long

Have control over your fuel bills and choose the smarter option by enrolling in a budget plan today! To learn more about Genove’s budget plan payment option, contact us here or call 781-893-9191.