While we’re still enjoying warm summer temperatures, we know that the cooler weather is just a couple of months away. That means it’s the perfect time to plan ahead for the upcoming heating season. By taking some simple actions, you can eliminate high bills associated with winter deliveries
during the peak heating season when you enroll in a Budget Payment Plan.

Genove Budget Plan

What Is a Budget Payment Plan?

Instead of paying high heating bills during the coldest winter months (typically January and February) and low/no heating bills during the summer months, the Budget Payment Plan spreads your home heating payments out evenly over (typically) a 12-month period. This makes your winter energy payments predictable, consistent, and far more manageable as your heating bill will never spike, no matter how frigid the temperatures get outside.

How Does a Budget Payment Plan Work?

Budget Payment Plans are tailored based on each individual’s home energy usage. For a typical Budget Payment Plan, your previous year’s annual heating fuel usage will be analyzed to estimate the total number of gallons you’re expected to use for the upcoming heating season. Next, a total price for your annual usage is determined based on the (often low) preseason oil price. The total price is then divided by 12 months to determine your new low monthly payment. And if you don’t use your total number of estimated gallons during the course of the year, your fuel surplus will be credited to your account.

How Can I Enroll in a Budget Payment Plan?

Genove Oil & Air is pleased to offer all of our heating oil delivery customers the option to enroll in our Budget Payment Plan. Contact us today to determine your low monthly payment and say goodbye to high heating bills for good!