Industry Secrets for Top Winter Efficiency

Genove Oil & Air provides quality HVAC services to take care of Massachusetts residents’ every need. We offer all of the following products and services:

But, did you know? Your contribution can bring your home comfort and safety to the next level, simply by following a few simple suggestions—here’s what you can do:

Fill Your Oil Tank Routinely

By keeping your oil tank at full capacity, you help prevent the risk of a heating oil runout and emergency. This also avoids danger and damage to your home itself, such as freezing pipes. But perhaps the biggest benefit is that keeping your oil tank full prevents corroding condensation to settle inside your oil tank, extending its lifespan and saving you money. Fill it every time it gets to 25% capacity to keep fuel on hand for unpredictable weather. To simplify this process and let us handle your orders, sign up for automatic delivery!

Upgrade Your Heating System

Has your furnace or boiler seen better days? If it’s more than 10 years old, it’s time to consider an upgrade. The heating industry evolves quickly, and higher-efficiency systems are being engineered every year. This upfront investment will pay for itself in more efficient fuel usage, less maintenance and emergency service calls, and greater peace of mind.

Shovel, Shovel, Shovel

Massachusetts is a beautiful state that is blessed with lots and lots of snow…that we residents have to shovel out of the way. To allow seamless and efficient delivery of your heating oil order, please plow your driveway and clear a path to your oil fill pipe. This will help our drivers to fill your tank more quickly, get you the fuel you need, and help you avoid potential redelivery fees.

Thank You for Helping Us Serve You

Genove is proud to have the best customers in the industry! If you have questions or need to make a request, please give us a call any time at our Waltham, MA office. We’ll be pleased to speak with you and do anything we can to make your holiday season even better!