When winter arrives in New England, homeowners can always expect the unexpected. From heavy snowfall to below-zero temperatures, there isn’t much we don’t see! Take up these easy habits to help avoid weather-related safety hazards and keep your home safe and warm all season.

5 Winter Safety Tips

Homeowners trust efficient, clean-burning heating oil to stay warm during the colder months. Heating oil is a non-explosive, environmentally friendly, and affordable fuel. Use these simple safety measures this year:

  1. Clear Delivery Pathways
    Snow removal is important to help our drivers deliver your fuel order safely and on schedule. Clear your driveway and all necessary pathways after every snowfall.
  2. Keep Your Tank Full
    Running out of heating oil is an expensive, unnecessary safety risk. A no-heat emergency due to lack of fuel will not only leave your family cold, but it is also a serious hazard to your home. You can avoid this by becoming an automatic delivery customer. Genove Oil & Air will track your fuel use and schedule deliveries before tank levels get too low. If you prefer to order your heating oil as needed, it is your responsibility to monitor your tank gauge and place heating oil deliveries in advance of winter storms.
  3. Install CO Detectors
    Even though heating oil is naturally non-explosive, the burning process can cause rare carbon monoxide leaks. CO is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so it is important to install detectors in your home so that you will be notified in the event of a leak.
  4. Get Protected
    Sign up for a service plan to get comprehensive coverage for your heating system. Multiple service plan levels are available to meet your unique budget. Service plans include preventative perks like an annual tune-up and discounts for parts and labor in the event you need a repair.
  5. Use Proper Storage Precautions
    This time of year, the basement is often overcrowded thanks to holiday decorating and New Year’s cleaning. Keep any flammable objects (like cardboard boxes) away from your heating system and oil tank.

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year! Contact Genove Oil & Air to learn more about home safety or schedule your next fuel delivery.