Genove offers installation of ductless cooling and heating systems. After a cold start to spring, it’s safe to say that warmer weather is here to stay—finally! Homeowners across Eastern Massachusetts are looking forward to longer days and more time spent outdoors.

When summer hits, there is nothing better than escaping the heat in a home with reliable air conditioning. Has your current cooling system seen better days? Are you still counting on inconvenient, inefficient window units to keep cool? Don’t chance it! Upgrade to new high-efficiency air conditioning to stay comfortable and save money for years to come.


Choosing Your New A/C

There are plenty of cooling systems out there, ranging in price, efficiency rating, and model type. Take your pick from two of the most popular A/C systems in New England: ductless and central air conditioning.

Ductless Air Conditioning
Skip the hassle of A/C window units and avoid the renovation cost of adding ductwork to your home. These units cool your entire house or selected areas.

  • Great for homes with or without ductwork
  • Compact, sleek design
  • Individual zoning for temperature control room by room
  • Quiet, effective operation
  • ENERGY STAR® rated models available

Central Air Conditioning
Adding central air to your home’s existing ductwork is simple. Even if your home currently lacks ductwork, Genove Oil & Air can provide total installation at an affordable price.

  • Even whole-home cooling
  • Seamless integration with central heating ductwork
  • Compatible with programmable thermostat for maximum operating efficiency
  • Complete, even cooling distribution throughout your entire home
  • ENERGY STAR® rated models available

Don’t wait until the first sticky day of summer to think about upgrading your air conditioning. Contact the A/C experts at Genove Oil & Air to get a quote and schedule your installation today!