Summer in Massachusetts is in full swing! When you think of comfort this time of year, your mind probably jumps right to your air conditioner. But did you know that your oil tank needs a little TLC during the warmer months? Oil tank maintenance is a year-round responsibility, even when it’s not running to heat your home. Summer weather can be damaging to your fuel oil tank. But the good news is, this can be easily prevented. Here are a few ways to take care of your oil tank this summer.

Summer Oil Tank Maintenance

  1. Maintain open air flow around your tank
  2. Schedule a checkup with your technician
  3. Keep your oil tank full

Number three might come as a surprise, but there are several benefits to filling up your oil tank during the summer:

  • Prevent moisture buildup
    Heat and humidity can case moisture buildup in your tank. This can be seriously damaging to the tank, however, when your oil tank is full, there is no space for moisture and condensation to gather in the first place.
  • Avoid the risk of corrosion or leaks
    Moisture buildup can cause the interior of your tank to corrode. Over time, this corrosion can lead to a leak. Without space for moisture buildup, a full oil tank prevents the risk of untimely corrosion and leaks.
  • Be prepared, beat the rush
    Lastly, a summer fill-up can make your life much easier come fall. Instead of scrambling with the rest of your neighbors to get a delivery on the first chilly day of September, you can rest easy knowing you have the fuel you need when it’s time to switch on your heating system.

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