As any Massachusetts resident can attest, spring in New England can be temperamental. You can find yourself needing your heater and A/C on the same day. While day to day temps can be unpredictable, what you can count on is the impending heat that arrives with summer. Genove Oil and Air recommends you get an AC tune-up every year so you are ready for those hot summer months. Here are 5 reasons why it’s important to service your air conditioner:

1. Increased Energy Efficiency: Having a regularly maintained air conditioner allows it to run at peak operating efficiency. This means less energy is used to cool your home. This makes your home more comfortable and also decreases wear and tear on your system.

2. Decreased Energy Bills: It is likely you will run your A/C most, if not every day. A system with failing parts or clogged filters works harder and is less efficient. With an annual A/C tune-up the efficiency goes up and your energy bills go down because your system isn’t working as hard.

Decrease energy bills with annual AC tune-ups.

3. Increased Comfort: Our experienced techs ensure your system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you notice hot or cold spots in your home, a maintenance check may find the cause of this problem. When your unit cools more evenly, your comfort levels are higher.

Regularly tuned AC systems increase your comfort.

4. Decreased Repairs: a well-maintained air conditioner is far less likely to break down. During each A/C tune-up we inspect all components of your system and look for potential problems. By being proactive, you reduce the risk of costly repairs or complete breakdowns during peak usage on hot summer days.

5. Increased Lifespan of Your System: By routinely checking your A/C you can extend your unit’s lifespan by years!

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