All across Massachusetts winter weather has arrived. Making sure your home is prepared to endure a winter storm is not only important for your family’s safety but will bring an extra level of comfort. With temperatures expected to drop throughout this month and the next, take the time to prepare now.

  • Make Sure Outside Air Stays Outside 

With cooler temperatures, your heating system has to work hard to keep your home warm and comfortable. Energy efficiency is minimized when outside air comes in. Most commonly, drafts occur around the perimeter of windows and doors. Fireplace flues that are left open can allow cool air to enter, too. After using the fireplace, and when there are no more embers, the flue needs to be shut.

  • Trim Dangerous Branches 

Snow storms not only bring inches, and up to feet, of snow, but also strong hazardous winds. Ensuring the perimeter of your home is free of vulnerable trees and branches will limit the risk of damage to your home. Trees  prepare for winter by recalibrating their cellar structure, but sometimes they need help from homeowners, too. As wind speed and snow fall increase, trees and branches will likely fail. Be sure to cut away questionable trees and branches, especially if there are power and utility lines near your home.

  • Stock Up On Essentials 

Power outages are seemingly inevitable this time of year. Stocking up on essentials is a worthwhile preventative measure in the event that your home loses electricity. Here are a list of the most common items needed during power outages:

  • Firewood for wood burning fireplaces
  • Batteries for flashlights, radios, portable heaters
  • Charger Packs for mobile devices, laptops, heater blankets
  • Blankets for extra warmth
  • Non-perishable foods and bottle water
  • Lighter and candles

Depending on the severity of the power outage, it is important to have an emergency plan. Know where your family will go if the home becomes too cold.

Safe service calls during COVID-19.

  • Scheduling Routine Maintenance

Scheduling annual maintenance for your furnace or boiler is important for maximizing the longevity of your equipment and to confidently know the home will keep your family warm throughout the long winter. At Genove, our customers’ safety is our top priority.

  • Make Sure Exterior Faucets Are Off 

Hopefully you have turned off exterior faucets in the fall. If not, turn off exterior faucets now! Frozen pipes can become detrimental to your home and budget.

  • Keep Your Oil Tank Full 

Routinely filling your tank every time it gets to 25% capacity. This helps you avoid the risk of running out of oil, prevents freezing pipes and helps to prevent corrosion in your oil storage tank. Signing up for automatic delivery is a convenient and easy way to keep your tank full.

  • Spin Ceiling Fans Clockwise 

Keeping your home comfortably warm makes for a cozy and enjoyable winter. Ceiling fans can contribute to the warmth of the home. During cool temperatures, when heat is vital, turn ceiling fans clockwise. Clockwise fans help push warm air down keeping heat in the living spaces. When ceiling fans turn counterclockwise, heat is elevated to the ceilings, which is helpful during the warmer summer months.


Being prepared for our volatile New England winter gives you piece of mind and helps ensure the safety of your family and home.


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