Having an energy efficient HVAC system can be an incredibly beneficial investment for homeowners. It can reduce energy bills, extend a system’s lifespan, increase the value of your home, and is great for the environment. While there are many great HVAC options for home and business owners, ductless mini-split systems remain some of the best systems on the market regarding energy efficiency, and there are few instances when they are not compatible with a home.


What is a Ductless Mini-Split System?

A ductless mini-split system is an outdoor compressor connected to one or more indoor units. Ducts aren’t necessary because the indoor units distribute the air evenly throughout the space and operate as both the air conditioner/heater and the thermostat. The indoor unit(s) use evaporator coils cooled with refrigerant to regulate temperature. A pipe system then transfers air to the outdoor unit (condenser). This process can convert hot air into cool air and cool air into hot air, making it a versatile system capable of functioning as both a heating and cooling system.

Why are ductless systems so efficient?

 Ductless mini-split systems commonly have higher SEER and HSPF ratings compared to traditional ducted systems.

No energy loss:

Traditional ducted systems have spaces where climate-controlled air seeps through leaks and gaps in ducts, and eroded insulation. Energy.gov reports, “Duct (air) losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption.” Because ductless systems pump air straight into the room, this issue is eliminated.



Unlike other systems, each room can be heated or cooled differently. Therefore, you can avoid unnecessarily heating and cooling of unoccupied spaces. An added benefit of this is that you can easily keep different temperatures in each room based on personal preference and the purpose of that space.


High energy ratings:

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) are metrics used to gauge the energy efficiency of HVAC systems. Ductless mini-split systems commonly have higher SEER and HSPF ratings compared to traditional ducted systems.


Inverter Technology:

Ductless systems don’t cycle on and off but instead match the compressor’s speed to the desired temperature. Less energy is used because the system doesn’t need a jolt of energy to boost back up, a process that happens frequently throughout the day for ducted systems.

Are there other benefits to ductless mini-splits?


There are many benefits to ductless mini-split systems beyond superior energy efficiency.

There are many benefits to ductless mini-split systems beyond superior energy efficiency, including:


  1. Installation is fast and minimally invasive. Oftentimes, a professional HVAC company can install the entire system in a day! There’s no need to gut the house to install ducts and further insulation.
  2. Ductless mini-splits boast a long lifespan of approximately 20 years.
  3. They improve the resale value of a home.
  4. They operate quietly.
  5. They are compatible with older homes and home additions, such as finished basements, where adding ductwork isn’t possible or is cost prohibitive.
  6. They are incredibly safe, especially in comparison to older heating systems.
  7. They are easy to maintain because there is less to clean and check up on for your HVAC tech.
  8. They have built-in humidity control.
  9. They are scalable to every size of home.
  10. You can easily direct the airflow of the indoor unit.
  11. Because these units are very eco-friendly, often there are excellent rebates available.


If it is time for you to replace or install a new HVAC system, make sure you contact a licensed HVAC professional for an evaluation to ensure you get the best type and size of system for your home or space.


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