Many Massachusetts residents rely on home heating oil to keep their homes warm during the cold New England winters. Making sure your home’s oil tank is in good working order is not only important to ensure you maintain a warm home during the cold months, but also to avoid environmentally and financially costly leaks.

According to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, it is important to replace an outdoor aboveground storage tank that has not been covered for 10 years or longer. However, because tanks rust from the inside out, you can take preventative measures and extend the lifespan of your above-ground tank.

The most common cause of oil tank failure is internal corrosion. Typically, corrosion is due to buildup of water from condensation within the tank. The moisture is heavier than oil and collects at the bottom of the tank where it forms an acidic sludge. Over time, this sludge can oxidize, causing rust, or cause corrosion through electrolysis (pitting).

Keep Your Oil Tank Full

Routinely filling your tank every time it gets to 25% capacity avoids the risk of running out of oil, prevents freezing pipes and helps to prevent corrosion. Signing up for automatic delivery is a convenient and easy way keep your tank full.  It is a good idea to keep your tank full during the summer as well. The less space in the tank for air means less condensation and water accumulation over time.

Genove Oil and Air offers Tank-Guard® as a unique oil tank protection program and protection from internal tank corrosion.

Prevent Corrosion

As another preventative measure, we offer Tank-Guard®. This unique oil tank protection program uses a corrosion protection additive to prevent internal tank corrosion. Being proactive with the protection of your tank not only increases the lifespan of your equipment but it can also provide a warranty should you need a tank replacement while registered with the program.

It is important to have your tank inspected annually. Having a service plan provides you with a safety inspection, annual tune-ups, access to emergency services and discounts on parts and labor and ultrasonic inspection of your aboveground tank.

Proper care and maintenance of your heating equipment can give you the piece of mind that your systems are working efficiently and safely.

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